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Learn how to play Diablo 2 LOD with no disc!??! YES, No disc! This is very helpful: For transferring items in battle.net with 2 of your characters. And just for backup in case you lose your play disc.

This new code section also makes it much easier to extend D2Loader functionality at a later time if needed. New in this build is a bnclient.dll patch to generate the bncache name based on the PID of the D2Loader process. This prevents multiple D2s trying to lock the file (and subsequently one of them dropping with C/I). If you missed the point there, multiple D2Loaders can now run on bnet at the same time without having to copy a ton of.exe/.dll files all over the place.

Due to the amount of stuff that Blizz seem to change each release, it's extremely unlikely that an old loader version would work with a new patch. This version also has EVERY ordinal fixed, even ones that were missing from the original v1.11 loader. As such, obscure parameters such as -gamma, -lq and -vsync now work correctly. I figured if Blizz release 1.11c anytime soon I wouldn't want to go checking back three versions worth of changes:). Point of interest: it seems -nocleanup works backwards, ie 'no cleanup' is on by default and if you specify -nocleanup, D2Loader will go through the normal D2 shutdown procedures (close sound, unload DLLs, etc).

Fixed a small jmp to the wrong place on the rare chance you had any plugins installed. Fixed VirtualProtect not restoring correct memory access options after applying patches (yeah I suck at the x86 asm:P). Fixed BNClient and other future patches being applied more than once when re-entering the main menu. Edited the PE header to provide the correct code size. This shuts up OllyDbg's SFX warning so I don't get quite so frustrated each time I have to restart:). Also a tip to any people who are making Diablo II hacks that install by finding the D2 window: EnumWindows / GetClassName / GetWindowThreadProcessId are your friends.

This version simply fixes the ordinals for v1.11b and again, D2Loader is back in business. One small fix, if you Alt+F4 out of D2, the cache file handle is properly closed and deleted. As usual, keep an eye on the D2Loader redirect - for the latest versions. D2Loader v1.11b02 Sep 09 2005 ----------------------------- Added some code to the resource section to support extra hacks which wouldn't fit in any other places. This may cause some virus scanners to go crazy since code shouldn't be running from the resource section:). It's quite safe, just heuristic scanners may give false positives.

Then copy the.exe to your Diablo II directory and run it or whatever you want to do with it. Below are some useful command line parameters you may wish to use: -w Run in windowed mode.

This will expose all its contents, including its MPQ files. Repeat this process for the Diablo II play CD. Drag and drop all MPQ files into the Diablo II directory on your computer.

Transferring from the XP machine worked but the game crashed. This is probably due to my winecfg settings. But I'm not sure what I am doing differently this time on KDE. Links that I've tried to follow (unsuccessfully): Last edited by jgreen1tc (2011-06-18 16:46:26).

This allows further features that would require a command line option. -nohide command line option. If set, will subclass the main D2 window handle and block WM_ACTIVATEAPP/0 from reaching D2, which will prevent the D2 window from hiding when it loses focus. Diablo II usually gobbles up 100% CPU time when not hidden (see below for a 'fix' for this), so running multiple windows with -nohide could cause some significant slowdown. Don't use this in full screen mode for obvious reasons.

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Finally, FlushInstructionCache is called after patches are done to ensure no problems arise from not doing so. Sahara one all serial. A word of warning, 'Warden' - Blizzard's new hack detection software - can easily be updated (if it doesn't already) to detect D2Loader usage. You take a risk as with any 3rd party hacks - while I personally would hope something as simple as self-muling and running without the CD is fairly harmless, it's ultimately up to Blizzard. This version of the loader is unable to load any plugins so it can't be used to load any further hacks, but again, it's your choice to run it. D2Loader v1.11b01 Aug 01 2005 ----------------------------- Hacked with love;-) Fixed up imports from D2 DLL ordinals and bam, it works with v1.11. Note that the plugin system seems to work, but individual plugins will likely need many changes to be compatible with 1.11. I strongly recommend you remove all v1.10 plugins before trying to use this.

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Don't go enumerating the executable names as these aren't 100% reliable due to renaming. The D2 window classname is 'Diablo II'. Small note, the last version recommended using '-nocleanup' to do a 'nice' shutdown of D2 - a word of warning - don't use -nocleanup with -skiptobnet or every time D2 tries to exit by going back to the menu, it will reconnect to bnet and you'll be stuck in a rather nasty foreground-hogging infinite loop. A forewarning, the next release may have another 2KB added on to the file size as I'm running quite short on space in the current executable to continue adding more features. It probably doesn't help that my code is so bloated:). D2Loader v1.11b (Sep 15 2005) ----------------------------- Few fixes here, the first new hack I'd added I accidentally called XP SP2 DLL addresses instead of using the import table for the new error box stuff.

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PC GAME FIXES Diablo for related No-CD & No-DVD Patch No-CD & No-DVD Patch troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a No-CD/No-DVD patch to work is ensuring that the No-CD/No-DVD patch matches you're game version, because the games exe is changed when a patch update is applied previous versions won't work. If its an older game you are playing and you are running Windows 7 or Windows 8 it may not work, if you right click the.exe file and choose Properties and then Compatibility you can change this to run in Windows 98/ Windows 2000 etc. You can find more information on the Beginners Help page.

Now that the cleanup ordinals are mapped, -nocleanup works nicely and does a 'graceful' close of Diablo II. While I don't want to change any defaults, I'd recommend you use -nocleanup on your command line to do a graceful exit instead of ExitProcess. This version is really what I wanted the last version to be when I released it, but sadly I didn't have time to do all these things. I decided to just get a version out there that worked with v1.11b to keep all the people happy who depend on D2Loader to be able to play the game. D2Loader v1.11b (Sep 14 2005) ----------------------------- Just to add further confusion, Blizz released v1.11b and a lot of people saw the 'v1.11b02' and thought it was for v1.11b. The b is for the build number. I've changed how the version string is now written to reduce further mixups.