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2pass Clinic is the best option for FFS if passing is your goal. We specialize in providing facial feminization surgery in Belgium, London, New York, Germany and more. A complete virtual makeover system for the face that. The Best Video Software for Windows The 3 Free. Feminization, and hot looks. Facial features can be.

For an instant boost, try a lip plumping tool like. Candylipz uses suction to temporarily plump the lips, with results lasting for several hours. • Avoid dark lipstick. Dark lipstick makes your lips look even thinner, so opt for lighter, brighter shades instead.


Lipstick Lounge to hold fundraiser to help provide support to the Transgender Community. Virtual feminization software (Read. It morphs your face into. How to feminize your face for your transgender / crossdressing. How to Feminize Your Face (MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Tips). Voice Feminization; Confidence.

Put this point to your brother. Would he consider transparencies to be the only true photographs? One full movie.

” Is facial feminization surgery painful? Pain is subjective. It depends on your pain threshold and which procedures Dr Bart van de Ven performs. Our patients usually say that it’s more ‘uncomfortable’ than ‘painful’.

Beautiful, feminine eyes are a must! Here are the differences between male and female eyes: • Due to the brow ridge, men’s eyes appear more deeply set than women’s eyes. • Men’s eyelids tend to be slightly closed, giving the eyes a narrower look. To feminize your eyes, you need to create the illusion of larger, more open-looking eyes. Here’s how to do it: • Enhance your lashes. Lush lashes are the key to larger looking eyes.

• You can only upload a photo or a video. • Video should be smaller than 600mb/5 minutes • Photo should be smaller than 5mb •.

Photoshop is more versatile, that's all. The difference is one of degree, not kind. Interestingly, the only medium of photography which is more or less immune from manipulation is reversal film. There is a certain simplicity and rigour about shooting slides: you either get it right in-camera, within very close limits, or you're wrong and there is nothing you can do about it. Oh, yes, nowadays you can scan the slide, play about with it, and even make another physical slide from the manipulation. But why bother? If you use slide film, you still buy into the idea of getting it right first time.

Face Feminization Software

• Men’s chins tend to have a flat end, while women’s chins come to a point. • Men have wider, heavier jaws than women. Here are some tips for downplaying a masculine chin and jawline: • Choose a soft, shoulder length hairstyle.

Excellence in Facial Gender Surgery After a decade in FFS Surgery and more than 1000 patients of all gender identities, our multidisciplinary team of experts in facial gender confirmation offer highly predictable results, adapted to be as aggressive or subtle as required while within realistic, safe parameters. We are proud to be leaders in the development of the field of facial feminization surgery: • innovating new surgical instruments and technologies, • collaborating in international scientific research and investigation and • training & education for the next generation in the field of feminizing surgery. Regardless of gender identity, our goal is for lasting, natural results for your most feminine look without visible scars. June 1, 2018 Does Facial Feminization Hurt?

Let’s provide you with another example. In the photo above, we have a lady with a square jaw, a feature associated with masculinity. Again, it was possible to use PinkMirror to subtly reduce the size of the jaw and as you can see, the results are quite eye-opening. In the ‘after’ photo her prettier features are allowed to stand out. This is all thanks to the newly feminized jaw because of PinkMirror.

You can use PinkMirror’s face slimming and face thinning feature to quite literally ‘trim the fat’ as you can reduce the size of your cheeks. The end result is a slimmer, sharper and better looking face. On camera, a slimmer face appears to be more aesthetically pleasing so you can have more success and more attention. As we age, we have a tendency to gain weight and some of it will inevitably end up on the face. One of the most dreaded accumulations of facial fat is ‘jowls’ which gathers around your neck and instantly makes you look years older. The PinkMirror makes it possible to: 1) Reduce the fat on your cheeks. 2) Get rid of those jowls.

I am currently using CS2 (on OS X) and there is a friend of mine who used a photo of mine and let's say. Manipulated it with Photoshop. So I want to get him back and get one of his photos and turn him into a woman.

If you have any questions or difficulties, email me. There is really no difference philosophically or morally between using photoshop to manipulate photographs and using older darkroom techniques that were an established part of what would today be called 'post-capture' photography.

• The bridges of men’s noses tend to be straight or arched, while women’s noses tend to be more concave in profile. Here are some tips for feminizing your nose: • Bring attention to your other features. The best way to downplay a prominent nose is to enhance your eyes, lips, and cheeks. If you do a good job with the rest of your makeup, your nose should fade into the background. • Contour your nose with makeup.

It can change the face's race as well - from Caucasian to African-Caribbean, east Asian, and west Asian. Finally, it allows you to convert the face of your friend to 50% chimpanzee. The image must be in jpeg or gif format, and for best results it needs to be clear at the 2'x2' size. The online program does all the work for you. You can save the images to a file.

Welcome to Virtual FFS The Virtual Facial Feminisation Website I've created this site to help you plan your facial feminisation surgery. What I Do: 1. I assess your face and explain what makes it look masculine. I explain which surgical procedures are likely to make your face more feminine. I alter photographs of your face in Photoshop to show you how the surgery is likely to look. But please remember - Virtual FFS is not about exact predictions - it's a starting point designed to help you get to know your face and its feminisation possibilities, and to help you set your priorities for FFS.

This recognition and acknowledgement from strangers is really important to me. Feminizing your face is a procedure that is visible to everyone, yourself and those around you. It is a major change, a milestone in my life: the start of a new life.

Told his wife he wanted to be a woman, went on hormone therapy, got castrated, had this surgery done, and then re-married another woman.

Why would you feminize your face? When you look at a man’s or a woman’s face, you will notice that there are some considerable differences. Men have a bigger chin, a broader jawline, a larger forehead, a prominent nose, etc. They also have a lot more facial hair, such as thicker eyebrows, a beard, a moustache and sideburns. The surgery primarily focuses on the shape of the face. A more feminine nose, a finer jawline, reducing the size of the forehead and raising the cheekbones are just a few examples that can help create a more feminine face.

Check out the example of male to female facial feminization surgery (FFS) below and see for yourself. Evelyn underwent facial feminization surgery (FFS), and this is what leading FFS surgeon Dr Bart van de Ven did: • If you look at Evelyn’s forehead, you will see that it has become flatter. Men often have a wider forehead and tend to have a more pronounced brow ridge. In Evelyn’s case, this frontal bossing has been eliminated. • Both Evelyn’s chin and jaw have also been reconstructed. • She has also had a lip lift to shorten the upper lip.

April 20, 2018 We are very proud to name one of the most famous international transgender models, Lea T, as a key supporter of FACIALTEAM FOUNDATION. Lea T trangender top model and activist Leandra Cerezo, Lea T, was the first trans person to participate in the lighting of the Olympic Torch in 2016 Olympics held in Rio, Brazil. She has always been a transgender activist, especially in her home-country Brazil. Lea T told Oprah in 2011 that she had always felt different, even as a child, regularly subject to rid. April 13, 2018 FACIALTEAM, in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender Health, announce their first joint Webinar on Facial Feminization Surgery for transgender health professionals around the world. The live online event will take place on June 19, 2018, open to a maximum of 100 registered healthcare professionals currently working in fields related to gender identity. The main goal of this webinar is to share information about the principal maxillofacial surgery procedures involved in FFS.

Here are some tips for creating fuller, more feminine cheeks: • Apply blush correctly. A common mistake is to apply a stripe of blush along the bottom of the cheekbones. This enhances the angular appearance of your face. Instead, blush should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. This gives you a feminine glow and creates the illusion of fuller cheeks. • Try injectable cheek fillers. Injectable fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, or Radiesse can give you fuller, softer-looking cheeks within minutes.

Here are some tips: • Go for wispy bangs. Wispy bangs hide your forehead while softening the rest of your facial features.

After your facial feminization surgery, you can stay at our guesthouse. Depending on the type of operation, you can stay here for up to a week.

Are you going to go to the trouble of taking photographs and posting them online so you can show them off? Why not go the extra mile and make them look professional? You can use the software to produce photos that wouldn’t look out of place on glossy magazines; use PinkMirror for the following: 5) And much more. You should never compromise when showing your face to the world.

March 30, 2018 In preparation for the International TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY on March 31st, the City of Marbella recently organized their first edition of 'T for Trans' Awards Ceremony to recognize community members dedicated to bringing trans issues to the foreground on the Costa del Sol. The 15th of March is also locally celebrated as the anniversary of a landmark national law protecting the rights of the LGBTI against discrimination, now 11 years ago, which places Spain in the forefront of social progr.

If you use slide film, you still buy into the idea of getting it right first time. Put this point to your brother.

I have also overturned many common misconceptions about facial gender. For example: I have shown that male hairlines are actually lower in the middle than female hairlines; that female eyebrows are not higher than male eyebrows in the way that many assume and I have shown that wide jaws are not necessarily masculine. You can read all this research freely in my thesis and throughout the website.

If so, what about the use of filters, like grad n.d.? • Tell us some more • Upload in Progress • Upload failed. Please upload a file larger than 100x100 pixels • We are experiencing some problems, please try again.

• Rhinoplasty to refine the shape of the nose. Go to the Which procedures form part of facial feminization surgery? • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • What is the impact of facial feminization surgery on you as a person? No one can explain this better than Nicole, a trans woman who underwent a facial feminization surgery herself: “When I go to the store, I want people to address me as a woman without there being any signs of doubt on their voice.

The more of these tips you apply, the more feminine your face will look! I’d love to see your results, so post your favorite face shot below. Let me know what’s working for you and if you have any other tips or suggestions to share. And as always, thank you for reading and participating! Love, Lucille P.S. Want to discover even more advanced techniques to feminize your face? Learn how to transform your appearance in the next 2 weeks with.