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Patrols: Patrolling is accomplished via pressing the “patrol” button in unit commands, and then left clicking on the location you want your units to patrol to. The default hotkey for patrolling is ‘Z’. To begin this it’s best by asking this question: Q. What’s the main difference between 40 ranged and 40 close combat units? The 40 ranged all attack at the same time. On the other hand, the 40 close combat units will all wander and try to attack, but only those that are next to their enemy will be able to.

Then the Japanese must train primarily Champions, Halberdiers, Samurai and Arbalests depending on the situation. Champions are general force units, cheap and powerful. Halberdiers easily ward off cavalry, and require no gold. Samurai keep away melee-based Unique Units, with the exception of the Cataphract.

Jan 17, 2008  This is one way to make sure you always have the resources to do what you want in Age of Empires 2. This particular strategy works best on land maps (because you do not need to build a dock and navy), and assumes no civilization advantages and disadvantages of technologies and resources. Age of Empires player, you may want to start with Forge an Alliance and The Battle of Falkirk, which provide information about the new features in Age of Empires II. An overview of the basics In Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings, you command one of 13 medieval civilizations. Ebook3000.

When you do, you will then know each bonus, along with all stats to each civilization. General Map Details Arabia Arabia is one of most popular maps in the game. There are two variants to Arabia: Yellow Arabia and Green Arabia.

Keep this up until around the 24th minute. Make a Monestary and University and go to the Imperial Age as soon as you can after that. Stop villager production temporarily if necessary.

And he knew that a pure offense would force me to play pure defense because of the way my gold was laid out. I thought huskarls received the same bonus that champions do against eagles, and I believed that mayans had no reasonable counter to them. He knew otherwise. Morale: Know your units, unit bonuses, and have a general idea of how the game will play out. Trust your adversaries. Since he was confident playing mayans against Goths than I should have had more of a reason to wonder why that was so. You can also learn from Kyo by seeing that he used many of the tactics learned above.

They also have the Caravel as a naval unique unit. This unit has a kind of splash damage that effects nearby enemy ships, so they are excellent against groups of ships. It is an excellent escort to Transport Ships, and make a good duo with regular Galleons. Also in maps like Islands or Archipelago, in which the wood and gold run the risk of being depleted, Feitorias will provide the Wood and Gold required for their ships in the late game (assuming the player and his opponents are near to deplete those resources from the map). In the late game, the Portuguese should focus on creating gunpowder units as required. Normally, gunpowder units have a lot of problems with moving targets, due to their inaccuracy at long range. With Portuguese, that isn't the case, as their unique technology Arquebus lets the technology have an effect on those units.

Age Of Empires 2 Strategy Guide Pdf

Almost all maps have a scout other then Nomad,and Land Nomad. When you start the game the best way to scouts is by going in a big circle or a U shape, side to side revealing the map, since you are a newer player this is what you should do Once you get more experience you can use a couple sheep to scout aswell because you will have better unit control You should always keep you scout moving throughout dark age and feudal age. Later in the game, you can still use a scout, or just use mounted,or quick moving units to keep an eye on whats going on. • scout resources and choke points as I said in previous sections • scout your enemy see what resources he has • you can turn the tide by knowing what the enemy is building • you can steal boar with experience • many players do not research loom early on you can use this to your advantage and kill a villager or two • when being chased by an enemy scout you should get the highspot on a hill and attack back, keep moving him uphill should your enemy try to get more uphill than you. • if you can't move him patrol him!!!

I usually number my first scout 1, Town Center 2 and Dock 3 (if I have one). Playing space and gear Now this is a very common part in all games.

This way, they will generate gold and collecting them all is one of the ways of winning the game! To pick up a relic, simply click it while controlling your monk. If the Relic is far from your base, consider giving the monk some protection. • There are many important buildings and technologies that become available in the Castle Age. Which ones you want to build depends on your civilization and playstyle again. Be sure to check out the University and Siege Workshop.

Sometimes you may have to escape your base entirely, ive seen players run across the map with 100+ villagers and restablish there base, in a team you may be able to help quick wall your partners base and have him hold until you can move. Do what ever it takes to survive. You need to understand that this game takes complete concentration, every second counts. When you start a game out its normally comming up with a simple strategy even when the game is not launched when picking civs.

With these build orders it would be best to write them down or print them out on a peice of paper. Another method would be to remember it by heart, not all but some, you can pause the game and keep reading over the build order to keep on track. I recommend you play 2-5 games with a buddy on an all visable map until you got the build order down as much as you can get it. Than practice it on a normal reveal map a couple times before using it in action.

The team bonus is also useful, as all on the team will have more line of sight, so they can explore the map faster. Portuguese function well with civilizations like the Turks, as they will improve the creation speed of their gunpowder units, including the Organ Gun. Having a team which include Portuguese, Turks, and will improve creation speed of the Organ Gun even more, thanks to the Kasbah technology.

However, a Portuguese player can be powerful in any position, due to their gold reduction bonus. The Portuguese team bonus gives for free at the beginning of the game without needing a Market. This bonus is kind of a situational one and basically helps the team to coordinate scouting, and quickly locate resources and the enemy team. This bonus synergizes with the team bonus, as players will know the exact locations of the Relics, so they can focus on finding the opponents and particular features of the map. Having a ally also makes a great synergy, since the Vietnamese starts the game knowing the locations of the opponent Town Centers. Allied with the Portuguese, this makes all the team have this information at the start of the game.

Vikings have the best economic boom in the game, they get wheel barrow and hand cart free!! Anyways yeah make sure you know so you can use this to your advantage You should pick out a couple ones that you like the most and get used to using them. This will make the game more enjoyable when you know what you can do, and what you can build. Huns,Mongols,Mayans, and Vikings, are commonly used because they are all very versatile. Eventually you will learn each one, but it will take time and dedication.

Early-game, the civilization may pose a problem to newer players, since the reduction cost bonus at and is relatively minor, as the only units that costs gold during these ages are Archers and Militia-line infantry. The late-game stable is more than lacking, as the final upgrades for both the Light Cavalry and Knight-line are missing, and Camels are absent entirely. This creates an exploitable dependency on the Archery Range. They also lack Squires, which makes dealing with cavalry raids all the more difficult. At the Siege Workshop, they lack Heavy Scorpions, Siege Onagers, and Siege Rams, but their formidable and discounted Bombard Cannons and Organ Guns make up for this. Strategy Portuguese can be played as a booming civilization specializing in Gunpowder, which would make them share several tactical similarities with other late-game civilizations like the or the.

Numbers are EVERYTHING. Say you have 20 boats. He has 10 boats by your 20, and another 30 coming in support a screen away, FIGHT THE 10, then gb as soon as you see the larger army. In big fights, try to come in from a front, like shown above.

Get the attack upgrades and, once you have enough for a Castle, get the the Aztecs unique technology. Elite Eagle Warriors, this quickly, are very powerful. Hit villagers continuously until you can make some Battering Rams to finish the job off properly. Halen Rush TacticsHuns-- Villagers 1-3 Straggle wood around base, place them on sheep once you find them 4-6 Sheep 7 Lumberpit Loom Lure Boar with a sheep villager 8 Sheep 9 Wood 10 Boar- place all shepards on wild boar as soon as you can 11 wood 12 lure boar #2 13 wood 14 build mill- then go berrys 15-16 berrys 17 sheep build 2 farms with the most hurt boar villagers 18 sheep 19 wood 20 build lumberpit #2 21-23 wood press feudal under 9' 20' once all sheeps and boars are gone build 2 more farms then place rest on wood build barracks and then stable once you reach feudal. Grush- with Vikings Villager 1-2 - Build house, then sheep. Villager 3 - Build house, then sheep. Villager 4-6 - Sheep.

As they work better in large groups, Heavy Demolition Ships can be a response to Caravels, thanks to their splash damage, so civilizations like Chinese (whose demolition ships are bulkier) and Berbers (whose Demolition Ships move faster) can counter masses of Caravels if properly micromanaged and supported. Masses of Korean Turtle Ships may also be a problem, thanks to their tankiness and high pierce armor. • Regarding naval warfare, they may have a disadvantage in early game against civilizations that can perform early Galley or Fire Galley rushes, such as Vikings, Byzantines, Persians, Malay, and Berbers, especially in the Feudal Age. Later on, as they lack Shipwright and Fast Fire Ship, they can be overturned by civilizations that have those upgrades for their navy (aside considering the Caravels) especially if the Portuguese don't make use of Feitorias to overcome a late game shortage on wood and gold in water maps. • The Feitoria may be a reliable source of Gold, Wood, Food and Stone in several situations (especially in super late game), and is also hardier to destroy by raiding units (like cavalry), but they are less efficient than 20 villagers (Feitorias take 20 population and are also quite expensive), while they also occupy a lot of space, so unless there is a good reason to deploy them is better to avoid using them. • Despite the fact that they have cheaper and more accurate Bombard Cannons, the rest of their Siege Workshop is mediocre, so civilizations with better siege (such as Ethiopians and Celts) can overturn them in several situations, especially in the Castle Age. Also, Turk Bombard Cannons have better range and hit points and are created faster, so they can destroy a Portuguese Bombard Cannon at greater distance.

The Knowledge Mafia _DauT_ I would have to say that DauT was one of the first ones to constantly find when and where my feudal rushes were before any initial fight. He scouts, then scouts, and scouts, then scouts again.

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Age Of Empires Strategy

Everyone is on this island, including your opponents. Crater Lake Crater Lake is almost identical to Baltic except for one major difference. In the middle of the water is a large, hilly island, which has lots of gold on it. Fortress Unlike Arena, Fortress is a map where you are surrounded almost entirely by stone walls. You also start with farms and a barracks. Fortress can sometimes feature large amounts of water, which usually favour one player over another.