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Oct 11, 2013  Here is a tutorial for how to make a histogram using StatPlus as the alternative to the data analysis add-in for the Mac version of Excel. StatPlus built in 'Histogram' function cannot make real. In order to do statistical analysis on the Mac version of Microsoft Excel, you need to install StatPlus from Unlike the Windows version, Microsoft Excel for the Mac is devoid of. StatPlus for Mac: statistics software review (version — current version is 5.4)This review was posted in 2009. The company moved to the US in 2013. In 2016, the publisher contacted us to say they had released a major update in 2016, and had a new team. Welcome to the Support Center. In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

Select the cell range you wish to use and click OK. In a couple of seconds you will see a separate spreadsheet with the details of the analysis, that’s it.

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• Polynomial regression. • Cox proportional-hazards regression. • Time Series Analysis • Autocorrelation (ACF) and partial autocorrelation (PACF). • Moving average. • Interrupted time series analysis.

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You can also prepare your data with tools above and beyond those provided by Excel: One item of interest is how much more you get with version 5 of StatPlus than with version 4. One nice thing about not having to play around with the user interface all day is that the programmers can keep building in new capabilities. Once you select a procedure, you get a dialogue box asking you to select a range in Excel (or, in the case of frequency tables, a question asking if you have discrete or continuous variables. StatPlus has one advantage over SPSS there — you won’t get a never-ending printout of nearly identical frequencies.) If you've already selected a range, just click Range; you will be put into Excel, but you can just come back to StatPlus.

Regressions include the R, R-square, adjusted R-square, and the weighting of coefficients with the intercept. A surprising number of regression types are allowed, but options are limited — for best subsets, the minimum probability to enter; for linear, residual and line fit plots can be added. (Best Subsets is also known as stepwise regression; simultaneous regression tests all variables as independent and dependent.) Starting in version 5, StatPlus easily deals with empty cells acceptably. However, it still can’t deal with alphanumerics in frequency tables, giving us a strange message about invalid float. When StatPlus does work, it can be impressive, if slow with larger datasets: The general usage of StatPlus can be awkward, with a lot of switching between the program and Excel, and no indication of when the program is working, with delays between selecting a process or a range and getting some sort of reaction. The addition of keyboard commands for descriptive stastistics and correlations helps, but more processes should be keyboard-accessible; and it would be good if there was a way to keep the program with Excel, to add to the output, to use variable labels, and to use alphanumeric data in frequency counts (especially since there is no support for variable labels, so if you convert alpha to numeric, you have to write down how you did it).

The most important are: • You no longer have to switch in and out of Excel; you now have an Excel add-in which provides the StatPlus menus within the program. That saves an incredible amount of time. • Missing values and alphanumerics are, we are told, handled far better than in the past. We fully expect that by the time we review 5.4 and update this page, a version 5.5 with a syntax language and nicer output options will have appeared. That said, watch this space and we’ll try to get up to date before AnalystSoft figures out what we want and gives it to us.

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StatPlus does just that. StatPlus itself is a fairly small, fast-loading program that has a small number of menus — one that launches Excel; one that provides statistical analyses; and one that manipulates data.

• Standardization. • Stack/unstack operations. • Matrix operations.

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Terminate StatPlus:mac process(es) via Activity Monitor Before uninstalling StatPlus:mac, you’d better quit this application and end all its processes. If StatPlus:mac is frozen, you can press Cmd +Opt + Esc, select StatPlus:mac in the pop-up windows and click Force Quit to quit this program (this shortcut for force quit works for the application that appears but not for its hidden processes). Open Activity Monitor in the Utilities folder in Launchpad, and select All Processes on the drop-down menu at the top of the window. Select the process(es) associated with StatPlus:mac in the list, click Quit Process icon in the left corner of the window, and click Quit in the pop-up dialog box (if that doesn’t work, then try Force Quit). Delete StatPlus:mac application using the Trash First of all, make sure to log into your Mac with an administrator account, or you will be asked for a password when you try to delete something. Open the Applications folder in the Finder (if it doesn’t appear in the sidebar, go to the Menu Bar, open the “Go” menu, and select Applications in the list), search for StatPlus:mac application by typing its name in the search field, and then drag it to the Trash (in the dock) to begin the uninstall process.

Using the Excel Analysis ToolPak or the StatPlus:mac LE software function descriptive statistics, generate and show the descriptive statistics for each appropriate variable in the sample data set. For which variables in the data set does this function not work correctly for? Sort the data by Gen or Gen 1 (into males and females) and find the mean and standard deviation for each gender for the following variables: sal, compa, age, sr and raise. Use either the descriptive stats function or the Fx functions (average and stdev). What is the probability for a: Randomly selected person being a male in grade E? Randomly selected male being in grade E? Why are the results different?

You'll be directed to download the free StatPlus:mac LE from the AnalystSoft web site - Mike Middleton, Solver was added to Office for Mac 2011 in the Service Pack 1 update. You can download and install Office for Mac 2011’s Service Pack 1 by clicking on the link below: After you install Service Pack 1, follow these steps to start Solver: 1. Click Tools, and then select Add-Ins. Click to select the check box for Solver.Xlam.

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With its unique Smart Analytic System, MacRemover is capable of quickly locating every associated components of StatPlus:mac and safely deleting them within a few clicks. Thoroughly uninstalling StatPlus:mac from your mac with MacRemover becomes incredibly straightforward and speedy, right? You don’t need to check the Library or manually remove its additional files. Actually, all you need to do is a select-and-delete move. As MacRemover comes in handy to all those who want to get rid of any unwanted programs without any hassle, you’re welcome to download it and enjoy the excellent user experience right now! This article provides you two methods (both manually and automatically) to properly and quickly uninstall StatPlus:mac, and either of them works for most of the apps on your Mac. If you confront any difficulty in uninstalling any unwanted application/software, don’t hesitate to apply this automatic tool and resolve your troubles.