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Change file extension to.pnach instead of.txt and in debug box copy down name of game exactly ( the last thing should be SLUS and #) make sure to disable the ones you dont want i did all the diffrent sensor codes example gametitle=God of War (NTSC-U) [SCUS-97399] crc/title of file (D6385328.pnach) There is also a PPF patcher for Manhunt 2 NTSC ISO using PPF O Matic 3.0 which removes the blur and filter on the images in game and corrects that short fades to black on screen on killing enemy moments. Download MH2uncut-PS2.v1.0.Maniax.rar from here (registration required). Users will need Manhunt 2.0 NTSC DVD for PS2 ISO image with file size of 2,657,058,816 bytes.

Go to the summit of the mountain and destroy all of the fireworks and carts - you will get 100 or so experience points each time. You can keep leaving and coming back to do this over and over again. Easy Way To Level [ ] Here's an easy way to level-up. When you return to Abrabah for the second time, complete the ruins stage. Afterwards, you can return to the ruins area and fight an unlimited number of enemies there as many times as you desire.

Here you will find and almost limitless amount of shadows for your wisdom form to devastate. Once your form runs out, proceed to step 2. Whenever your drive guage runs out, leave The World That Never Was and travel to Olympus Coliseum.

Here goes a small tutorial that can help you understand a bit how does these cheats work and how to create your own cheat. PCSX2 uses so-called CRC for each game. This CRC is a special control sum of all bytes in the main game executable.

Quit and then go back to your form training. Keep doing this until you are at the desired level.

For people having trouble cheating and don't understand how to use.pnach files. I will upload the ones i have done so far and for any who have specific games they want cheats for. I will accept request and i will do it and upload the files.

3rd make sure crc # is correct in title of pnach file note: 0x is not to be copied of crc # so you copy the crc numbers after 0x. And it looks like you have pal version go to code junkies for codes and choose the correct region if you have wrong region codes. Let me know if this helps. Glad to help i am sorry i havn't been on in awhile but my internet company had issues and i finally went with new provider.

Continue fighting in Final Form through this area, defeating as many enemies as you can. Once final form wears out, proceed to step 2. For Wisdom Form, begin in Alley to Between.

Head to the Castle That Never Was, and start from the Hall of Empty Melodies. Climb your way up to the Altar of Naught. Fighting the enemies in between these two locales is a great and easy way to level up. You can easily gain ten levels in a half an hour. Fatal Crest [ ] To win this Keyblade, win the Goddess of Fate Tournament in the Underdome. Thruster Experience [ ] This technique works if you have the Gullwings' Keyblade. Head to the top of Pride Rock, where you can fight Thruster enemies.

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This works better for Master of Valor. (this won't work for Final, as you have to kill nobodies for exp.).

Open the ISO in Apache 2 and replace the modify the LVLSETUP.INI file in the GLOBAL folder. Alternatively, download the patched LVLSETUP.INI and replace the existing original LVLSETUP.INI in the GLOBAL folder, and then save and burn the ISO out to DVD disc. Play the uncut game. This link will take you to page with links for patcher near bottom of page. Hey i made a pnach file and put it through into the pcsx2 cheats file, but it doesnt work, and iv made a pnach for kingdom hearts one and it works perfectly could i get some help? What region game do you have? There are a few things that could be wrong.

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Page Tools More • • • • • • • This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Kingdom Hearts II for PlayStation 2. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to the page, or have a correction, please. Easy Final Form [ ] Enter the Cerberus cup (or whichever tournament gives you max drive, its been a while since ive played) and go Master form at the beggining. Then restart the tournament.

It detects it, and it is named properly (hence other patch lines working when I add them). I changed patch=1 to patch=0, but that made Sora's XP stay still again. I'm not sure what the issue is because it seems to be working for everyone else.

If you want you can pm me your email for codebreaker 10 this is the 1st option to try because of the sheer number of the codes for want you want for grand turismo 4. If you have any issues with codebraker or gameshark i will make a pnach file but it will take awhile with the number of license codes. Basola i am glad somebody found this thread helpful. I am new to threads and it is awesome to be able help others out. With stuff that took me forever to find out. Yes i can select wich codes you want below dynasty warriors gundam 2 these are all i could find and i can set up a pcsx2 pnach file which should work, and these are in raw format so they need to be converted to unecrpted standered codes. Which i can do.

Have the Gullwings' Keyblade and any other experience boosting items equipped, turning off and/or removing any items or abilities that will automatically heal you. Allow the Thrusters to attack you until you start flashing, indicating your health is low. At that point, start attacking. While these foes will normally give you about 50 experience points per kill, when you're critical, they'll give 170 experience points per kill. Land of Dragons Experience [ ] To score some easy experience points, head to the Land of the Dragons.

If you enter the ruined tower and access the minigame within (by pressing the switch at the back of the chamber), you can fight and kill most of the enemies with one hit. Rapid Thrusters will give you 47 experience points, Hook Bats will give you 117 experience points, Fortune Tellers will give you 350 experience points, and Crimson Jazz will give you 585 experience points. One run through the minigame (2-3 minutes spent) can net you as much as 5,000 experience points. You can repeat the process until you reach the desired level.

My infinite items are not actually infinite (the number should reset to 98 whenever I use an item, but it counts down instead) and none of the characters have max stats. Hardware: • CPU: Intel i5-4590 • Graphics Card: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB • Memory: G.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1600 • OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit I am using PCSX2 1.2.1, downloaded directly from their main website. Best questions and answers for interview. I have speedhacks disabled and I am running my games at a resolution of 1024x768 (the widescreen hacks aren't working correctly for some reason, they make the game screen very jittery even if I change the window settings to a 16:9 resolution). The game I am playing is an.iso of Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix + with an English patch installed from. Is a screenshot of my console log from launching the game, to the title screen, and then closing the game. Is a link to my.pnach file so someone can take a look at it and figure out what the problem is. Thank you very much in advance, I'll try to be as helpful as I can in providing further information.

I did just notice this line in the console (only when patches are enabled, obviously): 'XML loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnatch.' Could that be the problem?

Kh2fm Pcsx2 Cheats Pc

Note: You can simply let your summon guage just deplete itself right beside Panic and you will still gain the exp even though you are not in combat. It takes longer because the gauge depletes so slowly when not attacking. Submitted by: mathiasashland Level Up All Forms [ ] Master Form: Go to the Cave outside the village in Land of Dragons. Go into the Cave, turn to Master Form and, kill all the Heartless and blow up the carts and collect their Drive Orbs, Since these are what levels up Master Form. Then, go back to the save point and select exit world(this refills your Drive Gauge to the max), go back to the Cave and repeat the process as many times as you want. Valor Form: Do the same thing in the same area but wait until you get into the main part of the cave before you switch to Valor Form. And you don't have to pick up the Drive Orbs(each hit you score counts as an experience point).

Kh2fm Pcsx2 Cheats

I don't have any reason to think that'll fix things but it's worth a shot. I am running my games at a resolution of 1024x768 (the widescreen hacks aren't working correctly for some reason, they make the game screen very jittery even if I change the window settings to a 16:9 resolution). You have a very capable PC so I'm not sure why you're running at such low resolutions to begin with, but I'd suggest you try using the multipliers (4x Native, 5x Native, 6x Native, etc) instead to see if that fixes your issue. Custom resolutions are known to cause problems in certain games. I already tried the official forums.

One of which will take you to a door to Ansem's Study. Here, three Crimson Jazz enemies will appear for you to fight, in the square. Change into the form you want to level up and defeat them.

EDIT: formatting • • • • •. Not really sure why the cheats aren't working, I'm sorry. As you said, they seem to be loading fine on the console log.:- Have you tried one of the 1.3.1 development builds?

Wisdom Form: Go to the the very begining of the World That Never Was and walk toward the city.As soon as you see heartless, turn to Wisdom Form and start poppin caps. Then go back to the save point and leave the world before your Drive runs out, go back, and repeat the process until you're leveled up(each Heartless counts as one experience point). Final Form: For this, you have to kill Nobodies.

It doesn't matter how big it is, they all count as ONE point. Go to the Twilight's View save point in Castle Oblivion in the World That Never Was. Run upstairs and kill the the Nobodies WITHOUT TURNING TO FINAL FORM.

Join in any tournament and then quit as soon as it begins. Your drive guage will be replenished to maximum. Return to The World That Never Was and continue with steps 1a or 1b depending on the form you are leveling. Submitted by: mathiasashland Level Up Valor, Master, and Summon. [ ] (This hint requires you to have beaten Hollow Bastion for the second time; meaning the battle lvls for each world have increased, with Olympus being around battle lvl 39) 1.

This includes the announcement of new worlds and characters, plot developments, interviews which contain plot details, potential leaks and credible rumors, and anything you deem spoiler-worthy at your discretion. However, this does not extend to fan art or discussions about what you wish to be in Kingdom Hearts (with the exception of what worlds/characters you want to be in the game; those will be removed). You do not need to spoiler those posts. If you're writing a comment and want to obscure some text as spoiler, just do the following. >!Don't read this! Check the following: When you click on 'System' in the PCSX2 window, ensure Enable Cheats has a tick next to it.

If not, click it. Ensure that the cheats file is placed in PCSX2 /Cheats and is named F266B00B.pnach (needs to be a.pnach. Best way to edit these is Notepad++.) Add this to the top of your cheats file if you haven't already: gametitle=Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix [SLPM 66675] (J) // no depth resolves zerogs=00008000 fastmemory If a line has '//' before it, it is ignored.

If you prefer to do the mod hack yourself, just follow the mod steps for Manhunt PSP ISO above. For PS2, you will need the Sonix Apache 2.0, a tool for ripping PS2 DVD images with DVD9 dual-layer support (apache2.rar download link, also available Apache 3.0 Preview – Apache3Preview.rar and Apache 1.1 – Apache1.1.rar, both by Sonix).

(screenshots preferred) • What games you are trying to play and if you are playing them from an ISO or DVD. Don't forget to thank the users that help you by upvoting their helpful comments! Here's some useful links from the: • • • • • If you have any suggestions on how we can make this subreddit better, feel free to send them our way. Disclaimer: This subreddit was created by and is in no way affiliated with the official PCSX2 website or its staff. Since yesterday, I have been struggling to get my.pnach file for Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix to work. The console for PCSX2 clearly shows that the.pnach file has been detected and loaded and doesn't display any error messages. However, in-game my cheats don't have any actual effect.