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Professional authoring tools DVD Studio Pro 4 makes it easy to author a wide range of projects, from quick DVD dailies to complex commercial titles. Autocad 2017 free download for mac. Easily assemble the tracks for your project in a familiar timeline. Add interest by creating multiple playlists for your content, or use point-and-click scripting tools to Create interactive elements like games and quizzes. Versatile DVD mastering Whether you Burn a disc on your Mac or send a title out for replication, you can have confidence that your DVDs will play back on a wide range of set-top players and computers. You can easily add features such as copy protection Flags, region coding, and Jacket picture art when you prepare titles for commercial distribution.

DVD Studio Pro 4 is a jaw-dropping value, offering features that even five-figure DVD-authoring systems can’t match. If you’re setting up your first DVD-authoring system, look no further. Amazon.com: dvd studio pro 4. From The Community. Try Prime All. Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION] May 25, 2005. Currently unavailable. 3 out of 5 stars 1. Apple DVD Studio Pro 4 Upgrade (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION] May 15, 2005. Currently unavailable. DVD Studio Pro is a great program it just needed a 64 bit version so you could speed up the process. Click to expand. There's nothing to really 'speed up' in DVD Studio Pro, considering that it's primarily an SD-DVD authoring application. DVD Studio Pro. DVD Studio Pro claims to be one of the best DVD authoring software available because of its rich set of features. It can be used to author a huge range of video projects from simple DVD dailies to more complex commercial titles. It has an easy-to-use interface which makes it easy for users to assemble tracks. Aside from that.

Dvd Studio Pro Mac Free Download

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Dvd Studio Pro Mac

It's similar to the Map feature in iDVD 4, but it does much more. For example, you can print the Graphical view to document your work or to send it to a client for approval. Visual Feasts Professional DVDs often have transitions between menus: one menu pushes another off the screen, for example. Creating menu transitions used to be labor-intensive and required Apple's Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects. DVD Studio Pro 3 makes the process a one-click operation. You can choose from 30 transition styles, ranging from a classic cross-dissolve to a spectacular lens flare in which an animated glare of brilliant light separates one menu from the next.

I wouldn't be surprised to see third-party transition collections soon. Version 3 also lets you add transitions between images in a DVD slide show, and you can even specify a different transition between each image. But this may earn you a summons from the design police (and rightly so). Some DVD players support jacket pictures, static images that appear when people press the stop button on their DVD players. DVD Studio Pro 3 adds support for jacket pictures, and creating them is as easy as choosing an option from a pop-up menu.

This new version was basically a new application, with a totally new interface. Since then, the program has grown to be the primary mid-range software DVD creation package, Scenarist being the worldwide industry standard for professional. DVD Studio Pro 3 was released in 2004. In April 2005, Apple updated DVD Studio Pro to support authoring HD content. DVD Studio Pro 4 allowed for the burning of content to both standard DVDs and HD DVD media (even though no HD DVD burners were currently available for Macintosh). For playing back HD DVD content burned to a standard DVD, Apple requires a, Apple v4.6, and or later. This was also the first version that did not include support for.

With this application, you can author and include menus and subtitles to your DVD. You can also divide the entire videos into chapters and change its aspect ratio.

Not only can Nero help yon store, edit, and burn audio and video files to CDs and DVDs, but it can guide you through this process so you’ll spend more time getting work done and less time trying to figure out how to do it. Very few applications on the market are as good as Mediachance DVD-lab PRO. It grows with your knowledge and requirements. Where other applications usually need to study a long time for creating a simple project but Mediachance DVD-lab PRO need not. It has flexible DVD structure. You can get different aspect movies and with different audio channels.

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In Basic mode, DVD Studio Pro 3 feels like Apple's iDVD with a graduate degree -- you can use many of the same drag-and-drop techniques to create DVDs, but you have more control over video compression, menu designs, and menu navigation. In Extended and Advanced modes, you can take advantage of everything that DVD-Video technology allows -- subtitles, alternative video angles and audio tracks, advanced navigation schemes, and more. Like version 2, DVD Studio Pro 3 demands a fast Mac and a big screen. On a dual-1GHz Power Mac G4 with 1GB of memory, the program was a bit sluggish, and on a 17-inch display, the interface was cramped. A dual-2GHz Power Mac G5 with 2GB of RAM delivered smooth performance, and a 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display better accommodated the program's many windows and palettes. The biggest change in DVD Studio Pro's interface is a new Graphical view, which depicts the navigation structure of your DVD.

I'm having the exact same problem at the moment. I'm using DVD-R.

So my question is, what is the highest performing or most current Mac I can get that will still run the most current version of DVD Studio Pro? Side note: Ive recently joined up with an independant film studio and in addition to online digital releases we are also producing DVDs of our films (because most people still somehow prefer buying DVDs to other options). So in talking to many of the major DVD production companies I find out that they are still using DVD Studio Pro for all their DVD authoring services. I was surprised but they say its still the best option for DVD Authoring.

DVD Studio Pro 2 is a completely new DVD-authoring product, built from the ground up to take advantage of OS X's Unix base to provide powerful processing and multitasking abilities. Version 2 brings you a breakthrough user interface packed with innovative features that redefine professional DVD authoring, timeline-based track editor, enhanced menu tools that now let you add text and composite video buttons right in DVD Studio Pro, integrated MPEG-2 encoding and new, professionally designed templates. DVD Studio Pro 2 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickPro Guide is ideal for anybody who wants to output their video projects to DVD discs, including independent filmmakers, video professionals, corporate trainers, event videographers, and proud parents everywhere! Each task is broken down into concise step-by-step instructions, illustrated with informative screenshots andplenty of time-tested tips and tricks to help you make perfect, pro-caliber DVDs with interactivity far surpassing anything Hollywood has to offer.